Life hack – pre measure medicines

Being a special needs mum, one of the challenges when it comes to travelling with my daughter, who has epilepsy, is working out how to bring medication and keeping it cool.

When you are on multiple medications to be taken at certain times of the day it helps to have everything pre-prepared. We usually bring it in a coolerbag but it is a lot to bring if you have to bring a large bottle of medicine as well as food and drink.

In order to reduce weight and time we started pre-measuring our daughters liquid medication when we were on holidays.

Each time we need to make up get milk medicine we simply squirt some in the bottle carefully so it doesn’t get dirty. Then we can reuse the same syringe to draw up a new dose. Usually I will wash the syringe once a week which also reduces the time to wash the syringe.

We liked this so much that we kept it going when we got home. So now we always have a stash of pre-measured medication and it makes it easier to make up her milk with medicine. It also means that we always have a little medicine pack on standby that we can bring with us for the day and gives us a little more flexibility to decide to stay out for dinner if we want to instead of rushing home in order to give her nightly medication.


Now firstly there is a minor risk of contamination which, if you wanted to try this you need to weigh up. Also this only works for us because my husband and I are the caregivers and we have a shared understanding of which is what. However for those with carers that are not 24/7 this life hack is not recommended as there is a risk the wrong medication or dose might be given. This is also why you should always bring pharmacy labelled medicines with you when travelling.

We’re happy with this and it works for our family.

What are other time saving ways do you use in your family?


Mango Chia Pod

Mangos always reminds me of summer. We get them in abundance here in sunny Queensland and it’s synonymous with Christmas. 

We buy chia in bulk as it’s one of the main components in my daughters breakfast. I have been trying to eat more nutritionally and was inspired seeing the chia pods back in Aldi. So decided to make my own again. Over Christmas we were given a lot of mangos that we’re quite ripe so it’s a great way to make use of them. 

What a refreshing treat for a hot day! 

Here’s my recipe which is vegan and completely dairy, milk, egg free. 

I’ve also started making my own nut milks with our vitamix so have used my own homemade cashew nut milk. Feel free to substitute with any other milk. For a creamier variation you could also add in a few spoons on yoghurt. 

I use recycled baby food jars that hold appprox 150ml. 

I’ve made 4 here so that I can have enough for snacks throughout the week. 

Mango cashew milk chia pod


2 Tbsp chia seeds

100ml cashew nut milk

4-6 bite sized pieces of freshly cut mango


Add chia seeds to a 150ml jar. Add cashew nut milk and stir until all the seeds are evenly distributed. Add in mango pieces and ensure they are covered. Put on the lids and store in the fridge. 

In a few hours the chia seeds will absorb the liquid and thicken it up to be more like a pudding. If you find it’s not thickening up you may need to add more chia. If you prefer to use a bigger jar add more chia just try to keep the ratios roughly the same. 

This should be fine to consume within 3-4 days. But as always use your common sense and if it smells or if in doubt throw it out. 

Feel free to change up the flavours with different variations such as stewed Apple and cinnamon. Vanilla and cinnamon. 

What are your favourite chia pod flavours? 

Kombucha – Day 3

Scobie had started to grow! 

Here is the decafe black tea:

Green Tea Kombucha

Looks like a little is sticking out so I decided to add just a little more sugar water to cover. 

Tip: each time you make a new batch of Kombucha, start brewing another batch of sugar water/ tea in a sealed jar to cool down so it’s ready for the next batch. 

I had a jar of sugar water on standby for my water keifer so this made it super easy to top up my kombucha. 

If you’re thinking of splitting it to make more or give away, it helps to make an extra jar. 

You can also make this in a giant 5L jar. My friend bought the preserved vegetables from thenItalian store and froze the veggies and simply reused the jar. 

I’ve also seen the larger drink dispensers with a tap to dispense liquids from the bottom. whilst this would be a great idea for Kombucha, it’s not practical for water keifer as the granules seem to sink to  the bottom. 

Please share you (if any) life hacks for making Kombucha and/or Water Keifer. 

Kombucha and Water Keifer

I’ve just started my fermented foods journey and have done my first batch of Kombucha and water keifer.

I was surprised at how simple this was to assemble:

  1. Make sugar water – I simply used old jars, filled them with two tablespoons of raw sugar and then boiling water. For the Kombucha I added two decafe tea bags. 
  2. Then I waited half a day for all of it to cool down. In the meantime I made my own ‘muslin cloths’ by cutting up an old muslin blanket. 
  3. Once it was cool I decanted the existing water keifer/ Kombucha into new jars. You can also strain the keifer grains / kombucha scobie  with a plastic strainer (metal is not recommended) 
  4. Then I simply added in my sugar water mixture. 
  5. I used the muslin cloth doubled over with a rubber band to hold it in place.  

Whilst I was waiting for mine to brew, I decided to try the Kombucha and Water Keifer from my friends batch. I found the Kombucha was too sour. And the water keifer was too sweet. Combined – yes, you guessed it – it was ‘just right’. I added some Buderim Ginger Refresher cordial, soda water, fresh mint leaves and a dash of orange juice. It was a winning combination! Tasted like a mocktail only much better for your gut with all the natural probiotic goodness.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with more combinations.

Have you tried either Kombucha or Water Keifer and what is your favourite way to drink it?


Ginger and Mint Water Keifer Kombucha


1/4 cup Water Keifer

1/4 cup Kombucha

1/8 cup soda water

1/8 cup Ginger refresher (to taste)

1/8 cup orange juice (optional)

Mint leaves

Ice cubes


Mix together and drink with a few ice cubes. Amounts can be adjusted to taste.


Life hack – freezer tags

Back to school and work soon… This week my daughter’s immunologist has given the go ahead to start our egg challenge. So I have made a batch of muffins with just one egg in it. I made mini muffins so that I can freeze and just take a little out when needed.

Often we freeze or pack leftovers. However, lately it’s been so busy we haven’t had a chance to pack it away properly in the freezer. So when it comes to our weekly fridge ‘clean up’ we end up throwing out a lot of food because it’s too old (or we simply have no idea how old it is).

This is quite wasteful. In the past I’ve tried using a whiteboard marker (rubs off in freezer), a permanent marker (doesn’t completely come off in the dishwasher), paper label and sticky tape (too much time to assemble). I’ve always liked using the Decor labels but I only have a few and they often end up in the freezer.

So came my brilliant idea. We have always saved the bread tags and rubber bands and I think I have finally found a use for them.

Enter the bread tag and rubber band trick:

Simple but effective. Now we know how old food is and if we need to throw it out. Less wastage and allows us to better manage our food and hopefully use it before it goes bad.

What ways do you label or manage food in your fridge?

Launching… Super Needs Mum!

Happy New Year! New resolutions and all that. I have been hatching this brain child for a while and recently have been inspired to jump in with two feet and just get started. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

Super Needs Mum? What is that? Super Mum? No I’m not. Well perhaps I am – all mums are a super mum.  Special needs mum – just means any mum who has a kid with a disability. Which makes a special needs mum a super needs mum.

I am married with two kids, my eldest has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I say it takes a community to raise one with special needs. I’m blessed with an amazingly supportive husband, extended family, my church family and a great employer who is very understanding with all the appointments that come with being a super needs mum.

I hope to be sharing with you life hacks for organising our life, health and wellbeing. Some topics I hope to cover:

  • Life hacks – for organising the home, family and my daughter’s complex health.
  • Travel – We love to travel and have always taken the kids with us interstate and overseas, so will share with you how we do this with a child with disability. This year we are looking forward to two overseas holiday’s to China and Malaysia.
  • Health – In my search for alternate remedies to support my families health, I have discovered the power of essential oils and am a doTerra Wellness Advocate.
  • Recipes – This year we have started our journey into fermented foods (kombucha, water keifer and sauerkraut) and also blended foods with the recent purchase of a Vitamix using all our points and Christmas vouchers.

So regardless if you are a parent, a special needs parent, into wellness or productivity then hopefully you will be inspired by this blog and we can all learn to do things better.

I’m also interested in getting to know you as well. Please share what your favourite life hack is and how it has impacted your life.