Launching… Super Needs Mum!

Happy New Year! New resolutions and all that. I have been hatching this brain child for a while and recently have been inspired to jump in with two feet and just get started. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

Super Needs Mum? What is that? Super Mum? No I’m not. Well perhaps I am – all mums are a super mum.  Special needs mum – just means any mum who has a kid with a disability. Which makes a special needs mum a super needs mum.

I am married with two kids, my eldest has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I say it takes a community to raise one with special needs. I’m blessed with an amazingly supportive husband, extended family, my church family and a great employer who is very understanding with all the appointments that come with being a super needs mum.

I hope to be sharing with you life hacks for organising our life, health and wellbeing. Some topics I hope to cover:

  • Life hacks – for organising the home, family and my daughter’s complex health.
  • Travel – We love to travel and have always taken the kids with us interstate and overseas, so will share with you how we do this with a child with disability. This year we are looking forward to two overseas holiday’s to China and Malaysia.
  • Health – In my search for alternate remedies to support my families health, I have discovered the power of essential oils and am a doTerra Wellness Advocate.
  • Recipes – This year we have started our journey into fermented foods (kombucha, water keifer and sauerkraut) and also blended foods with the recent purchase of a Vitamix using all our points and Christmas vouchers.

So regardless if you are a parent, a special needs parent, into wellness or productivity then hopefully you will be inspired by this blog and we can all learn to do things better.

I’m also interested in getting to know you as well. Please share what your favourite life hack is and how it has impacted your life.


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