Life hack – freezer tags

Back to school and work soon… This week my daughter’s immunologist has given the go ahead to start our egg challenge. So I have made a batch of muffins with just one egg in it. I made mini muffins so that I can freeze and just take a little out when needed.

Often we freeze or pack leftovers. However, lately it’s been so busy we haven’t had a chance to pack it away properly in the freezer. So when it comes to our weekly fridge ‘clean up’ we end up throwing out a lot of food because it’s too old (or we simply have no idea how old it is).

This is quite wasteful. In the past I’ve tried using a whiteboard marker (rubs off in freezer), a permanent marker (doesn’t completely come off in the dishwasher), paper label and sticky tape (too much time to assemble). I’ve always liked using the Decor labels but I only have a few and they often end up in the freezer.

So came my brilliant idea. We have always saved the bread tags and rubber bands and I think I have finally found a use for them.

Enter the bread tag and rubber band trick:

Simple but effective. Now we know how old food is and if we need to throw it out. Less wastage and allows us to better manage our food and hopefully use it before it goes bad.

What ways do you label or manage food in your fridge?


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