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Kombucha and Water Keifer

I’ve just started my fermented foods journey and have done my first batch of Kombucha and water keifer.

I was surprised at how simple this was to assemble:

  1. Make sugar water – I simply used old jars, filled them with two tablespoons of raw sugar and then boiling water. For the Kombucha I added two decafe tea bags. 
  2. Then I waited half a day for all of it to cool down. In the meantime I made my own ‘muslin cloths’ by cutting up an old muslin blanket. 
  3. Once it was cool I decanted the existing water keifer/ Kombucha into new jars. You can also strain the keifer grains / kombucha scobie  with a plastic strainer (metal is not recommended) 
  4. Then I simply added in my sugar water mixture. 
  5. I used the muslin cloth doubled over with a rubber band to hold it in place.  

Whilst I was waiting for mine to brew, I decided to try the Kombucha and Water Keifer from my friends batch. I found the Kombucha was too sour. And the water keifer was too sweet. Combined – yes, you guessed it – it was ‘just right’. I added some Buderim Ginger Refresher cordial, soda water, fresh mint leaves and a dash of orange juice. It was a winning combination! Tasted like a mocktail only much better for your gut with all the natural probiotic goodness.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with more combinations.

Have you tried either Kombucha or Water Keifer and what is your favourite way to drink it?


Ginger and Mint Water Keifer Kombucha


1/4 cup Water Keifer

1/4 cup Kombucha

1/8 cup soda water

1/8 cup Ginger refresher (to taste)

1/8 cup orange juice (optional)

Mint leaves

Ice cubes


Mix together and drink with a few ice cubes. Amounts can be adjusted to taste.



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