Mango Chia Pod

Mangos always reminds me of summer. We get them in abundance here in sunny Queensland and it’s synonymous with Christmas. 

We buy chia in bulk as it’s one of the main components in my daughters breakfast. I have been trying to eat more nutritionally and was inspired seeing the chia pods back in Aldi. So decided to make my own again. Over Christmas we were given a lot of mangos that we’re quite ripe so it’s a great way to make use of them. 

What a refreshing treat for a hot day! 

Here’s my recipe which is vegan and completely dairy, milk, egg free. 

I’ve also started making my own nut milks with our vitamix so have used my own homemade cashew nut milk. Feel free to substitute with any other milk. For a creamier variation you could also add in a few spoons on yoghurt. 

I use recycled baby food jars that hold appprox 150ml. 

I’ve made 4 here so that I can have enough for snacks throughout the week. 

Mango cashew milk chia pod


2 Tbsp chia seeds

100ml cashew nut milk

4-6 bite sized pieces of freshly cut mango


Add chia seeds to a 150ml jar. Add cashew nut milk and stir until all the seeds are evenly distributed. Add in mango pieces and ensure they are covered. Put on the lids and store in the fridge. 

In a few hours the chia seeds will absorb the liquid and thicken it up to be more like a pudding. If you find it’s not thickening up you may need to add more chia. If you prefer to use a bigger jar add more chia just try to keep the ratios roughly the same. 

This should be fine to consume within 3-4 days. But as always use your common sense and if it smells or if in doubt throw it out. 

Feel free to change up the flavours with different variations such as stewed Apple and cinnamon. Vanilla and cinnamon. 

What are your favourite chia pod flavours? 


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