Life hack – pre measure medicines

Being a special needs mum, one of the challenges when it comes to travelling with my daughter, who has epilepsy, is working out how to bring medication and keeping it cool.

When you are on multiple medications to be taken at certain times of the day it helps to have everything pre-prepared. We usually bring it in a coolerbag but it is a lot to bring if you have to bring a large bottle of medicine as well as food and drink.

In order to reduce weight and time we started pre-measuring our daughters liquid medication when we were on holidays.

Each time we need to make up get milk medicine we simply squirt some in the bottle carefully so it doesn’t get dirty. Then we can reuse the same syringe to draw up a new dose. Usually I will wash the syringe once a week which also reduces the time to wash the syringe.

We liked this so much that we kept it going when we got home. So now we always have a stash of pre-measured medication and it makes it easier to make up her milk with medicine. It also means that we always have a little medicine pack on standby that we can bring with us for the day and gives us a little more flexibility to decide to stay out for dinner if we want to instead of rushing home in order to give her nightly medication.


Now firstly there is a minor risk of contamination which, if you wanted to try this you need to weigh up. Also this only works for us because my husband and I are the caregivers and we have a shared understanding of which is what. However for those with carers that are not 24/7 this life hack is not recommended as there is a risk the wrong medication or dose might be given. This is also why you should always bring pharmacy labelled medicines with you when travelling.

We’re happy with this and it works for our family.

What are other time saving ways do you use in your family?


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