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Itchy Bites – essential oil blend

This summer has been particularly bad with flies and mozzies. We recently moved to a new house with floor boards that have little gaps so I've long given up trying to keep the place mozzie/ant/spider free (haven't yet invested in pest control). Needless to say, the kids have had a lot of mozzie/ant/spider bites this year.… Continue reading Itchy Bites – essential oil blend

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Social Capital – Community Inclusion for people with a disability – Al Condeluci 

Community inclusion and the importance of building social capital for people with disability, based on notes from workshop with Al Condeulci

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Recipe: quick one pot spaghetti bolognaise

Spaghetti bolognaise is the first dish my mum taught me to make from scratch when I first moved out of home, so it's one of the few dishes that I can do without a recipe and know how to adjust. Normally it's on the stove but with the addition of two expensive appliances in my… Continue reading Recipe: quick one pot spaghetti bolognaise


Life hack: labels for charging station

I've been through a few different version of charging stations after seeing pretty boxes that hide a plethora of cables and power boards exposing only the cables you need.  While it looks nice on pintrist, in reality we simply plug in what we need when we need it. My husband likes to unplug things that… Continue reading Life hack: labels for charging station