Life hack: labels for charging station

I’ve been through a few different version of charging stations after seeing pretty boxes that hide a plethora of cables and power boards exposing only the cables you need. 

While it looks nice on pintrist, in reality we simply plug in what we need when we need it. My husband likes to unplug things that are not being used so after a few days the cables get mixed up. We also have   a few iPhones in the house so often times I’ve plugged in my phone expecting it to charge only to find in the morning that I’ve plugged it into the wrong charger! 

So here’s the latest version of my “charging station”:

  • Power board is easily accessible at desk level. No more running over cables on the floor. 
  • All the cables are labelled on both ends so you can easily match up the right plug with the right charger. I’ve even had to use colour and letters for duplicate cables types. 
  • 3M cable holders help hold the cables that are not being used and all the excess cabling is hidden under the desk 

Simple but it works. I’ve had this set up for a few months now and so far so good. 


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