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Itchy Bites – essential oil blend

This summer has been particularly bad with flies and mozzies. We recently moved to a new house with floor boards that have little gaps so I’ve long given up trying to keep the place mozzie/ant/spider free (haven’t yet invested in pest control).

Needless to say, the kids have had a lot of mozzie/ant/spider bites this year. I also started using doTerra essential oils last year, so when one morning when I was sending my daughter off to school and she woke up with yet another swollen insect bite, I quickly mixed up some lavender, lemon, peppermint, thyme and melaleuca (tea tree) oil, applied some and sent it with her to school in her oil bag. That day she got another bite and her teacher put it on her. She said my daughter was complaining and when she put it on it worked straight away and the swelling went down. I made another version a little stronger with added Basil and Eucalyptus and gave my daughter’s teacher both versions to try. She reported the ‘stronger’ version worked best.

I also use this often on myself and find that it works straight away and brings down the swelling within an hour.

I usually make a ‘stock bottle’ so that I can blend once then dilute in a smaller 3ml roller ball bottle appropriately to age. This then means I always have the blend on hand to top up when needed.

Itchy Bite stock blend

30 x Fractionated Coconut oil
30 x Lavender
20 x Lemon
20 x Peppermint
6 x Tea Tree
6 x Thyme*
6 x Eucalyptus*
6 x Basil*

* Extra oils for a ‘stronger’ blend.

Total unit cost is $12.53 retail price ($9.40 wholesale)
To use dilute approx. 5-10 droops in a 10ml rollerball bottle. Depending on the dilution you choose you may get 3-6 samples out of this and possibly even more. It depends on your preference, a little does go a long way. I personally prefer it to be a little stronger because I only use a tiny amount at a time directly on the insect bite.

This means that the unit price can be anywhere from $2-6 per bottle, which makes it very affordable.


So how do I get my hands on this?

There are a few options…

You can buy the oils individually and blend this your own. I recommend doTerra essential oils because they are 100% pure and have been certified therapeutic grade.

If you are not yet a doTerra wellness advocate and this is the first time you have heard about doTerra, you can join online for $35 and order straight away. To buy this DIY kit with the enrollment kit costs $223.50 and it will be delivered to your door in a week or so. There are a few great value enrolment packages, which include the majority of these oils (oils not in the basic enrollment packages are in italic)

For more information head over to Joining my doterra team.

Note: Prices are based on 2016 doTerra price list. 

Information is only based on my opinion and experience and is not to be taken as medical advice. Please see your doctor if symptoms persist and also discuss your current situation with your doctor if you intend to use this alongside western medication.


3 thoughts on “Itchy Bites – essential oil blend”

    1. It can help with the itchiness of eczema but won’t actually help cure it. My experience with eczema is that it’s the body’s reaction to some sort of allergen and the best way to treat it is to find and eliminate the source whether it’s good, chemical, environmental. My daughter had eczema for the first few months of her life and when we finally eliminated all the foods we was allergic to her skin cleared up and was great. Probiotics can also assist with gut health which is important when it comes to food allergies.

      1. To help find the cause it’s helpful to get allergy tested which will confirm the things you are definitely allergic to. Unfortunately for intolerances it’s a process of elimination through trial and error best done in consultation with the allergist and also if it’s a food allergy a nutritionist (who was most helpful when eliminating soy because they were recommend brands of food she could eat as soy is in everything!)

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