Pro tip: the simplest way to clean chia seeds

When we heard chia was a superfood, high in omega 3 and  great for the brain, we jumped on the band wagon and put in my daughters oats every  morning. Combined with reflux and our “normal” regular periods of congestion resulting in bringing up the contents of her stomach, we had quite a lot of laundry to do where chia seeds were involved. Now if you have used chia seeds before you would know one of their wonderful properties is to swell up and expand, thinking whatever liquid it is in. Often I. Recipes they will have a step to personal chia before use. However when chia is combined with linen, it would take ages to rinse every little seed from it before putting it in the wash. If we missed a few, it wouldn’t wash out instead be spread to all other items of laundry. 
After a few years, we got better at dealing with the frequent vomits, we started using tissues more often because you can simply throw it out. We became expert vomit catchers, stationing empty bowls and cups within arms reach for quick deployment over the mouth. But this didn’t solve the issue of chia from the odd cough vomit in bed. Chia was starting to become the bane of my existence. Until one day I discovered a better way! 

Enter the humble dish washing brush! We never used these growing up washing the dishes and I knew some people do. I had received one with my food processor and found it was great to quickly get food scraps off the different parts of it before soaping it up with the sponge and rinsing. So one day I thought I would apply this to the chia and it worked! In a few seconds I was able to brush off all the chia seeds. Ready to wash. 

Life changing… I’m keen to hear any other tips/ hacks you have found. 

I hope by sharing this small  change in my life it might make it that little bit easier with the small things someone else’s life and make it just that little bit easier for us to focus on the bigger things in life. For super needs mums we need all the help we can get. 


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