Keeping on top of all those appointments 

As with any child with complex special needs there are many appointments with the hospital, therapists and specialists. On top of that juggling other kids, work, social commitments it’s a nightmare to stay on top of it all. 

In the early days I would just put it on the one paper calendar and then tuck the appointment letter or referral into her health book. As she grew older there were more appointments and referrals and became harder to keep on top of. 

This all came to a head when my kids started childcare, combined with two early childhood program playgroups at two different special school. 

To keep my sanity I tried paper calendars, giant excel spreadsheets (6 pages long) printed and stuck on the fridge. Nothing worked for long we either had some things on the paper calendar, the phone and kept forgetting to update the other. So I decided to go fully digital and created a Google calendar for each person of the family, one for support workers and one for the family. This allows me to colour code the calendars so at a glance I can tell visually if there’s care for all the kids on any given day. We can also quickly see when appointments are and it’s synchronised across all our phones, devices and everyone has access to the info we need. It also means that my husband is on top of what’s happening and I don’t have to keep track of it all. I can use my head space for more important things. 

I also have a system where soon as any appointment letter arrives:

  1. Take pic of the photo [Update 10/07/17: you can now ‘scan’ (take photo) documents directly into Dropbox and save as a PDF or png pic! Just click the + add button and it will give you the option]
  2. Upload to dropbox account. 
  3. Create shared link
  4. Create google calendar event and add in link. 

Now you always have access to the appointment info when you need it. 
And you can file/ shred the letter. 

You also have history in your calendar so you can easily search when the last appointment was. This was handy when creating my health history one pager. 

This works for me and allows me to manage appointments on the go, digitally without carrying folders of paper around. 

What things have you found helpful to keep on top of appointments?


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