Batching food

“What is she eating?” Followed by “how did you cook it” is the usual question asked when we start feeding our daughter who has CP. She still has trouble with swallowing more solid food but thankfully not yet had a peg. Since she has a lot of allergies (currently cows milk protein and egg) we make all her food so we know what goes in it. To make it easier, ever since starting on solids I’ve always cooked a big batch and then frozen into small cubes. However as she got older the amounts grew. At one point we were measuring a certain number of tablespoons and it wasn’t consistent. So my husband had the brilliant idea of weighing her food. So we currently on about 150g of food. Which is about a whole bowl of food.

The good thing is we know exactly what she’s eating and the nutrients that is in it.

Usually we use a rice cooker to do approx 1 cup of rice, 2 carrots, 1 sweet potato, 2 zucchini, broccoli, salmon and 1L of stock and additional water. Sometimes the meat changes and we’ve tried different stocks and flavours soup bases. We would use the long cook rice setting and often if I put it in the right order and timing it turns out ok. Then I just need to blitz it up in the food processor and tub it up in our decor quarter containers.

However recently we recently received a pressure cooker and it was so much quicker! Instead of 30-60min it cooked in 10 min and was so soft and tender it looked like rice porridge (congee). I popped the broccoli in the end with some beetroot leaves and put it on for another 2 min then blitzed it anyway.

This is a great way to make baby food, risotto or even congee.
Basic recipe

  1. Add 2 cups of washed rice 1 litre of liquid (I prefer to use stock but if not water is fine. For different flavour combinations you can also try  coconut milk/cream  or even soup based – Campbell’s has a nice range) into the rice cooker and start it on the long cook rice cycle.
  2. Peel root vegetables and add them in as you go – I usually put a whole sweet potato, 2 carrots and then chop up the stall of the broccoli and add that in.
  3. Wash and chop up the aromatics like onion and garlic and put those in. These are great for flavour and are immunity boosting.
  4. Then the broccoli tops and any other green vegetables that are quick to cook. Usually I’ll use a zucchini.
  5. For baby spinach leaf I will blend this up separately and then stir through.

So you should wait til the food is cooled before blending and packing it away but often  we’re in a hurry or can’t be bothered so we’ll blitz anyway and then cool before freezing it.

You can use any freezer prod container. I like to use the decor 4 portion containers to freeze as she’s on 130-150g and it freezes in nice little bricks that can be popped out to a little decor container. We have been using the decor 250ml containers but I’ve only just recently changed over to he decor glass matchups (350ml is the smallest).

We also bought a cheap set of scales to weigh the food – this was the quickest way to guarantee consistency across all the meals.

Variation ideas

  • Campbell’s soup bases instead of stock will give it a different flavour.
  • Apricot cchicken – chicken and a can of apricot
  • Coconut cream added in with normal soup
  • Beef stew – use beef stock and some herbs and spices
  • spaghetti bolognaise – either make as normal and blend. Or just add a can of tomatoes and use beef mince.
  • Try out different types of meat

Feel free to experiment with other flavour combinations. If you’ve tried this, what is your favourites?


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