Super easy DIY Lip balm

Check it out a super easy way of making lip balm. Check out my Facebook store to buy your own lip balm making kit oils not included. https://www.facebook.com/YourOilJourneyBrisbane/


Travelling with special needs: Roadtrips!

We've always loved to travel and when kids came along special needs or not we also brought the kids along domestic flights, overseas and more recently interstate road trips. When they were babies we thought why not they're still free and we discovered that airlines allow you to bring portacots, prams and car seats at… Continue reading Travelling with special needs: Roadtrips!

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Product review: munchkin bottle warmer

Last Christmas our wonderful carer gave us a car 12 volt bottle warmer which plugs into the cigarette lighter. I never knew of such inventions but our upcoming interstate road trip was the best way to try it out. I had already worked out that I could feed my daughter in the car. This bottle… Continue reading Product review: munchkin bottle warmer


Keeping on top of all those appointments 

As with any child with complex special needs there are many appointments with the hospital, therapists and specialists. On top of that juggling other kids, work, social commitments it's a nightmare to stay on top of it all.  In the early days I would just put it on the one paper calendar and then tuck… Continue reading Keeping on top of all those appointments 


Kids sick? So many people to call… 2 tips to mange this better

Last year the kids were sick more than 10 times. With my eldest taking a special needs bus to  school, childcare, therapists appointments and carers that help, every time she gets sick we would need to inform about 3-4 people depending on the day. The first few times we would forget and this would mean particular people… Continue reading Kids sick? So many people to call… 2 tips to mange this better

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DIY breathe easy air vapour stick bar – attempt #1

The other day we ran out of our doTerra Easy Air stick which we've been using daily on the kids to get them to sleep at night through their congestion. I had some beeswax on hand and decided to try making it from scratch. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.… Continue reading DIY breathe easy air vapour stick bar – attempt #1