Kombucha – Day 3

Scobie had started to grow! 

Here is the decafe black tea:

Green Tea Kombucha

Looks like a little is sticking out so I decided to add just a little more sugar water to cover. 

Tip: each time you make a new batch of Kombucha, start brewing another batch of sugar water/ tea in a sealed jar to cool down so it’s ready for the next batch. 

I had a jar of sugar water on standby for my water keifer so this made it super easy to top up my kombucha. 

If you’re thinking of splitting it to make more or give away, it helps to make an extra jar. 

You can also make this in a giant 5L jar. My friend bought the preserved vegetables from thenItalian store and froze the veggies and simply reused the jar. 

I’ve also seen the larger drink dispensers with a tap to dispense liquids from the bottom. whilst this would be a great idea for Kombucha, it’s not practical for water keifer as the granules seem to sink to  the bottom. 

Please share you (if any) life hacks for making Kombucha and/or Water Keifer.